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Now Available in Fort Wayne

Indiana Direct Primary Care

is here to provide affordable, accessible healthcare

Direct Primary Care

  • Re-Inventing how Healthcare is Paid for and Delivered

  • Re-Establishing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • Improving Patient Satisfaction

  • Re-Defining Healthcare Expectations

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Natalie Jacquay

"We are so happy with the care we have received from the IDPC staff!  They take the time to listen to us and really care about getting us healthy and feeling our best."

Flourish by the Drop

"Absolutely wonderful.  Staff is kind and friendly.  Dr. Wiegman is caring and takes the time to listen and discuss issues and treatment.  He is such a support for patients and our family loves his expertise!"

Jean Light

"Dr. Jarrod has been a great blessing to me.  He is available and very caring and not just ready to prescribe but to make sure he gets to the real problem."
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