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Business owners

As a  business owner healthcare is one of the  largest employee expenses for those that can even afford to offer it.   Healthcare costs continue to outpace inflation  while at the same time decreasing coverage.  


With Direct Care you have the opportunity to

have  comprehensive primary care services at a low fixed monthly cost with no-copays or deductibles.

Direct Care + Insurance

Direct care can easily be combined with insurance.  As many insurance plans now have deductibles $3000+, seeing the doctor for many employees is still out of reach.  

Combining these high deductible plans with Direct Care gives your employees free access.  It also significantly reduces insurance claims leading to lower insurance rates.  

Direct Care Alone

Data suggests that 90+ percent of patient's  healthcare can be handled in the primary care doctor's office.  

With direct care your employees have increased access to care that focuses on wellness and improves chronic disease management.  This keeps your employees healthier and happier and is a great recruiting/retention tool as well.  


As Insurance costs continue to rise many companies have moved to or explored becoming self-insured.  

Combining Direct care services gives companies a  known fixed monthly cost.  Direct care's mission is to limit patient's (and thus companies) expenses.  


We partner with labs, imaging centers, and other services to reduce costs across the board.   

Special business pricing is available for as few as 3 employees

Current Business Members

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