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Salts Massage

Member pricing
60 mins:  $55

*90 mins available upon request

Available add on services:

  • Aromatherapy, using DöTERRA Essential Oils that are applied topically and aromatically (see below for oil choices and their prices, as it varies by oils).

  • Sugar Foot Scrub, using organic vanilla orange brown sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells and then service is finished with DöTERRA's body butter that is infused with Wild Orange, Douglas Fir and, Frankincense essential oils $10.

  • Organic Extra Strength CBD Massage Oil used area specific (*Full-spectrum CBD: Non-psychoactive <.3% THC) $10.

  • Deep Muscle Therapy, using area specific Prossage® Warming Oil first and then finished using Biofreeze® to offer deep penetrating, long lasting pain relief. Together, this allows you to experience the benefits of hot and cold. 

Massage Oil
Aromatherapy Oil

Essential Oils

Clementine $5

Eucalyptus $5

Juniper Berry $5

Kumquat $5

Lavender $5

Lemon $5

Lemon Eucalyptus $5

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) $5

Oregano $5

Peppermint $5

Red Mandarin $5

Turmeric $5

White Grapefruit $5

Frankincense, The "King" of Essential Oils $15


Current oil blend choices include:

Anchor $5

Arise $5

Holiday Peace $5

Purify $5

Adaptive $10

Breathe $10

Deep Blue $10

On Guard $10

Serenity $10

  • First time massage clients, please be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session to allow time for you to fill out the intake forms and change.

  • Returning massage client, please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session.

  • Arriving early will ensure that you get the full 60 minutes of massage as the actual massage needs to begin at the scheduled time.

  • If you fail to arrive prior to your scheduled time, you will be subject to a shorter massage time.

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